Stefan Schwarzer


Invitation to the next exhibitions

27.05. - 27.07.2016 // "Walking with Wehle" - solo exhibition, German Embassy, Yerevan/Armenia
26.06. - 17.07.2016 // "Druckgrafik V" - group exhibition, Künstlerhaus 188, Halle (Saale)
28.07. - 26.10.2016 // "Förderpreis des Bodenseekreis" - gallery Bodenseekreis, Meersburg
29.07. - 07.08.2016 // "Sweeping Pussel" - group exhibition, project room Treibhaus, Dresden
02.08. - 25.08.2016 // "Zeitreisende" - group exhibition, NPAC, Yerevan/Armenia
09.09. - 30.10.2016 // "reset - new codes" - group exhibition, gallery Bueffelfish, Dresden
17.11. - 10.12.2016 // "Vehicolecciónes" - solo exhibition, gallery Teodoro Ramós Blanco, Havana/Cuba

//Represent by the BUEFFELFISH contemporary fine arts gallery, Dresden

Stefan Schwarzer


 Buzand 31-10-2015 | Yerevan to go

Yerevan to go

Series of Drawings
40 Single sheets
Colores pencil on paper
Size 29,7 x 21 cm (single sheet)

Three weeks ago I walked every day without a destination through the public space of Yerevan to document my perception spontaneous and fragmentarily. When an object caught my attention I was drawing it immediately, in a standing or sitting position on the street. My drawings I combined with frottage (imprints) of surfaces, which I discovered on my excursions.
As a result of this work, I discovered Yerevan in individual fragments from which I developed at the same time playful compositions.


 Auf-dem-Weg-nach-Yerevan 01-11-2015 | Outside from Yerevan

1600Km - outside of Yerevan

Series of drawings
16 Single sheets
Colored pencil on paper
Size 42 x 29,7 cm (Single sheets)

During my month-long stay in Armenia I traveled approximately 1600 Km by car through the country. A result of the bad road conditions and the difficulty to work stationary in the countryside I had to improvise.
From this givenness, the idea was born to draw during the car ride.
The fragments of the landscape and objects, perceived in short moments should be documented directly with the colored pencil. A result of the bumpy and windy roads developed a sign language and furthermore a method to document the unique Armenian landscape.


 Nr-42 | Symbols of absence

242 Symbols of absence

Series of drawings
242 single sheets
Colored pencil on paper
Size 10,5 x 7,5 cm (single sheet)

At my excursions in the streets of Yerevan I perceived many objects, which are used as parking shields. In consequence of this observation I am focused more of these shields and discovered their different materiality and types of production. I also realized, that every single object is unique. I was interested in the function of the parking shields, as "replacement objects" for an "absent other object" like a vehicle. Several days I walked through the streets of Yerevan and documented this "replacement objects" with photographs to draw these after my return in Germany.

Stefan Schwarzer


 Cover | Estudios de La Habana

Estudios de La Habana

Artist book
450 pages / colored pencil an digital print on paper
Size 29,5 x 21 x 4,5 cm
dust cover is a printed and painted cuban flag
Handmade / with audio cd: La voz de la calle
Edition 20+1 a.p.

During this time I walked daily through Havana and documented the public space. I wrote every evening experiences and observation down and noted on a city map my traveled distance. Likewise, all created drawings and photos have been ordered. This pool of notes and ideas has now been summarized in a book. Also contain the book, a foreword, afterword and Glossary as well as a text by the Cuban sociologist Armando García Ramos.


 Detailansicht | La Calzada de Infanta

La Calzada de Infanta

Drawing (series)
5 parts /Colored pencil on paper
Installation size 9,80 x 0,50 m

The main street La Calzada de Infanta is one of the main Connections in Havana and connected the Malecon with the surrounding outside districts.
I see the La Calzada de Infanta as an exemplary street in Havana, by the typical mixture of buildings is characterized by variety of architectural styles and forms of use.

With the intention to investigate the personal use of the architecture and the possession of the buildings by the inhabitants who work La Calzada de Infanta has arisen this work. In the period of two months, I have drawed every building completely of a two Kilometer road section. I have been worked directly in the street, where I sat down at the respectively opposite side of the road to document the building.


 Detailansicht | Los Cartaleras de Puplicidades

Las cartaleras de puplicidades

Drawing (series)
261 parts / Feltip pen on paper and cardboard
Installation size 4,00 x 2,00 m

The streets of Havana dominate huge propaganda panels for the Revolution. Otherwise there are only little store signs. In the work The Posters of Publicidad.

I investigate exclusively the small, partly hand-painted signs of various stores, services and businesses. For several weeks I walked in the districts Centro, Plaza and Vedado through the streets and on the spot I have drawed every shield. Through this process I have documented 260 different signs. Each drawing or Store Sign is a hint of the life in Havana. All drawings can project together a reflection of situation in Cuba.


 Ausstellungsansicht | El Mural

El Mural

acrylic paint on wall
Size 8,50 x 3,00vm

The streets of Havana are dominated by cars from the whole world. The year of the construction reaches back to the 1930s. Country of origin of the car brands can be attributed a symbolic significance. Vehicles from the USA, from the former Soviet Union and now increasingly from China dominate the streets of Havana. this observation is related to the tumultuous past of Cuba.

The series Vehiculos arose from the idea to tell indirectly the history of Havana with drawings of parked vehicles in the streets. For several weeks I have drawed the parked vehicles on the road.

Stefan Schwarzer


 Habana-Libre | Bienvenidos


Drawings (series)
16 parts / colored pencil on paper
Size 21 x 30 cm (single sheet)

In the first week of my six-month stay in Havana, I created a series of drawings with the title Bienvenidos.

My intention was to document my perceptions spontaneously and simplistically in a unknown environment. Four days I walked for several hours through the streets of Havana. Soon as a object generated my attention, I was drawing it immediately on the spot. In the course of this work, I discovered Havana and developed playful constructions from the fragments of my perception.


 Installationsansicht | Acumulacion


12 Parts / Drawings, Photos, found Objects,Cork boards and corkboard needles
Size approx. 300 x 320 cm (Installation)

Influenced by the life that takes place on the street in Havana, I worked from September 2013 to February 2014 also on the street. Every day I' walked with out a destination for several hours through Havana.

I stopped onthe street to draw, take pictures, to make notes or collect garbage who was lying on the street. I present my collection with the same visual intensity how I perceived Havana. With the wall installation should be the perception of the viewer also overwhelmed and transferred into a back and forth jumping, fragmented perception.


 Installationsansicht | Trescientos Ladas desde La Habana

300 Ladas desde La Habana

Photos (series)
300 parts / Digital print on photo paper
Size approx. 240 x 255 cm (Installation)
Edition 5+1 a.p.

In the streets of Havana, there are a huge number of cars of the Russian brand Lada. For a month, I walked daily through the streets of Havana and I always took photos with the same perspective from the characteristic side front of the Ladas.

I have used the working method of the empirical field research, to demonstrate the personal occupation of car owners in all its facets.

In the result, I present by a color ordered view of 300 different Ladas.


 MZ-ETZ-251 | Vehiculos


Drawing (series)
156 parts / Feltip pen on paper
Size of single sheet 21 x 14,90 cm

The streets of Havana are dominated by cars from the whole world. The year of the construction reaches back to the 1930s. Country of origin of the car brands can be attributed a symbolic significance. Vehicles from the USA, from the former Soviet Union and now increasingly from China dominate the streets of Havana. this observation is related to the tumultuous past of Cuba.

The series Vehiculos arose from the idea to tell indirectly the history of Havana with drawings of parked vehicles in the streets. For several weeks I have drawed the parked vehicles on the road.

Stefan Schwarzer


Cover | Die Schatzinsel

Die Schatzinsel

Artist book (unique)
224 pages / colored pencil, pastell on paper
Size 27 x 35 cm (double page)
Digital print on paper
Edition 19+1 a.p.

In the period 2010-2013 I overdraw every page of my children‘s book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I‘ve read the book double sided, and then I´ve overdrawn the double page with crayons and oil-pastels. Through this process, incurred a fully painted Unique book. This book was published as reproduction in a limited edition in Hesperus Verlag.


 04-08-2013 | Dozeland diary

Dozeland diary

Drawings (series)
10 parts / colored pencil on paper
Size 42 x 59,7 cm (single sheet)

It's Midnight, I'm lying in my bed. My room is dark, I can hardly see anything.
In front of me there is a paper pad and colored pencils.
I am very tired, trying not to fall asleep. Front of my "inner eye" images and sequences appearing, I transfer this to the paper.


Blatt-1 | Ein Kartoffeltier geht auf Reisen

Ein Kartoffeltier geht auf Reisen

Potato prints (series)
4 parts / acrylic paint on paper
size 42 x 59.7 cm (single sheet)
edition 3 + 1 a.p.

I discovered at my research the story, "Ein Kartoffeltier geht auf Reisen" by Phillipp Reich. I contacted the ten-year-old author and asked him if I could illustrate his text. With his confirmation I made an illustration with potato printing and sent him one edition.

Stefan Schwarzer


Einladungskarte | Kindergeburtstag


Vor-der-Performance | Kindergeburtstag


13.10.2012 | 15.00-19.30 Uhr
dieHo-gallery Magdeburg

Photo documentation
32 parts | digital printing on photo paper
dimension variable | edition 5+1 a.p

In a gallery in Magdeburg I celebrated my 10th birthday in a performance again. The exhibition room was decorated according to a children's birthday.
A photographer was engaged for the documentation of the party. In a playful way the 19 participants in the age between 7 and 40 years experienced the individual memories of children's birthdays again. After the end of the performance Children's birthday the party room was presented unchanged as an exhibition for three weeks.


Vega | I'm a Street Fighter

I'm a Street Fighter

Photografie / series
54 parts | digital printing on photo paper/capa
dimension variable | edition 5+1 a.p.

To the vernissage of my solo exhibition Street Fighter II Turbo, at the entrance all guests could select one of twelve different masks, each one represented a fighter from the computer game Street Fighter II. Every guest was portrayed with this mask by a photographer at the entrance of the exhibition space. Afterwards a selection of 54 portraits of the guests were integrated in the exhibition room.


Videostill | Fighting colours

Fighting colours

01:00 Min. | loop | edition 5+1 a.p.

I recorded the title strip of the computer game Street Fighter II with a video recorder and extracted a one-minute video sequence out of it.
Then I projected it onto a pane of glass, painted it over frame by frame, photographed and assembled it to an animation.


Radbjerg | Utopia


hestekraefter-I | Utopia


Drawings / series
158 parts | colored pencil, pencil,
watercolor on paper
size 21 x 29 cm (single sheet)

Stefan Schwarzer


Raumansicht | Zangief in my mind



Videostill-Zangief-bestraft | Zangief in my mind

Zangief in my mind

Room installation - multipart work
mixed media | room size 2 x 4 x 2,5 m

drawing and diary | 46 parts
pencil on paper | 21 x 14,85 cm

Video | 22:38 Min.| loop
edition 5+1 a.p.

Objects | 30 parts | dimension and
material variable

My concept for the art festival Begehungen Nr. 8 in a former prison in Chemnitz, was to create, with the help of a fictional story, a connection of the real place to the person Victor Zangief from the computer game Street Fighter II. My intention was to give the observer indications from the life of the fictional person Victor Zangief, through the creation of a complete prison cell with furniture, objects, drawings, diaries and letters. Each individual fragments in the prison cell was a reference to the past of the real place as secret police prision in the GDR and the real but fictitious figure from the computergame Victor Zangief.


Fighter | Tidy your game


Installationsansicht | Tidy your game

Tidy your game

Video collage
Three channel video projection | dimension variable

Fighter | 05:00 Min. | loop | edition 5+1 a.p.
Background | 05:00 Min. | loop | edition 5+1 a.p.
Word and number | 05:00 Min. | loop | edition 5+1 a.p.

Video recordings of the computer game Street Fighter II have been divided into graphical constituents. This resulted in three video collages with the titles Fighter, Background and Word and Number. They Video sequences recall of puzzle pieces became reassembled in every collage in different views. Three types of devices formed from the starting material, which in a Triptychon are summarized.


Installationsansicht | Groggy


Drawing / series
204 parts | felt tip pen on paper
installation size 300 x 250 cm
size 21 x 15 cm (single sheet)

Over a period of 20 days I was producing daily at least 10 drawings of fighters of the computer game Street Fighter II. The game was stopped at different positions and the frozen movements of the fighter were copied from the screen. I used felt tip pens to do that. By this concept the work Groggy emerged with 204 drawings.


Vorderseite-Computerspielverpackung | bit the middle ages

16 bit the middle ages

Echtings / series
16 parts | etching on handmade paper
installationsize 60 x 250 cm
size 10,8 x 16 cm (single sheet)| edition 3+1 a.p.

While playing the computer game Street Fighter II, the monitor was being photographed in irregular intervals. From them 16 photos were selected exemplarily, of which 16 etchings were produced. The size of the printing plate corresponded to the original size of the computer game cassette.


Dhalsim | S.F.II.Turbo


Drawings / series
12 parts | fineliner on paper
installation size 80 x 250 cm
size 30 x 21 cm (single sheet)

I copied the fighters - portraits from the computer game Street Fighter II Turbo - from the screen with quick gestures and sporadic views to the emerging drawing. The configuration of the single portraits exactly meets the template of the computer game menu.

Stefan Schwarzer


Der-Selbstangriff | Die Maerchenburg

Die Märchenburg

Series of drawings
20 single sheets
Crayon on paper
Size 29 x 21 cm (single sheets)


Videostill | Trance train

Trance Train

02:54 min. | single shot
loop | edition 5+1 a.p.


Smallox | Baltic faces

Baltic faces

Drawings / series
20 parts | earth, see grass, grass, coal,
colored pencil, pencil, acrylic binding agent on paper
size 29 x 21 cm

Stefan Schwarzer


B-Team-II | Anfang vom Ende


Stunde-Null-I | Anfang vom Ende

Anfang und Ende

Drawings / series
27 parts | oil pastels, colored pencil,
acrylic paint on cardbord
size 21 x 15 cm (singlesheet)


Linien-I | Linien 1,2,3


Paintings in public spaces / series

acrylic paint on wall | Görlitz
room size 6 x 6 x 2m

acrylic pain, spraypaint on wall | Görlitz
wall size 10 x 5m

acrylic pain, spraypaint on wall | Leipzig
room size 6 x 4 x 3m

Stefan Schwarzer

Solo Exhibition
2016 'Vehicolecciónes',
 Gallery Teodoro Ramós Blanco, Havanna/Kuba

'Walking with Wehle',
 German embassy, Yerevan - Armenia, documentation
2015 'Estudios de La Habana',
 Burg Giebichenstein - Hermesgebäude, Halle (Saale), catalogue

'Estudios de La Habana', Riera Studio, Havanna - Cuba, catalogue
2013 'Der blaue Blitz',
 Burg Giebichenstein - Hermesgebäude, Halle (Saale), documentation
2012 'Kindergeburtstag', dieHo-Galerie Magdeburg, catalogue

'Street Fighter II Turbo', Gallery Weltecho Chemnitz, documentation
2011 'Street Fighter II', Computerspielemuseum Berlin, documentation
2008 'S.Y.R.U', Koloni, Dresden
Group Exhibition
2016 'Reset new codes', Gallery Bueffelfish, Dresden

'Förderpreis des Bodenseekreis', Gallery Bodenseekreis, Meersburg

'Sweeping Puzzle', Project room Treibhaus, Dresden

'La Habana, Umbruch auf Raten',
Kunstkabinen - Noch Besser Leben, Leipzig, documentation

'La Habana, die alltägliche Bühne',
Gallery from the Halle Art Club in the Opera, Halle (Saale), documentation
2015 'Brücke im Dschungel',
Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, documentation

'OFFM public art panels', Public space, Offenbach / Frankfurt

'Brücke im Dschungel II',
Art Gallery of Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin

'B.R.O.G. #3', Westpol a.i.r Space, Leipzig

'Diplomausstellung der Kunsthochschule Halle Burg Giebichenstein',
Burg Giebichenstein - Hermesgebäude, Halle
2014 'Küchenstudio 3000', Previous kitchen studio 2004, Halle

'Kunsthalle 3000', Hermes building, Halle

'Clap', temporary space, Essen, website

'Die Gedanken sind frei', Salus GmbH, Magdeburg
2013 'In Formation 450 - 2', Ausstellungshalle Hawerkamp, Münster
2012 'Die acht besten Bewerber', dieHo-Galerie Magdeburg

'Neue Klasse', Wiensowski & Harbord Berlin, documentation
curated by Gregor Schneider and Christian Jankowski
2011 'Just printed', Galerie Module II Dresden

'Begehungen Nr.8', former prison „Kaßberg“ Chemnitz, catalogue
2010 'What´s up in Halle', Galerie Lorch + Seidel Berlin, catalogue
2009 'Strömungen', Riesa e.V. and Runde Ecke Dresden
10. Czech-German artist symposium, catalogue

'Zwischengrün', former rail unloading station Leipzig
project of the Leipziger Kunstvereins
2008 'Muralismo Morte', Motorenhalle Dresden, catalogue

'Stromkunst', Sweat Club, Leipzig
2007 'Cityclash', Fabrik Bautzen
2006 'Wurstfabrik', Alte Schlachterei Leipzig

'Spurensuche', Superkronik Leipzig

'Flour´n´sugar', former University Libary Leipzig
2012 'Die Dreigroschenoper', Staatsschauspiel Dresden
Animation - Ein mögliches Ende
2011 '15,50 €', Hermes Halle, catalogue
curator of the art project together with Matthias Höhl

'Der Gelbe Klang' - Wassily Kandinsky, Pragerspitze Dresden
performative installation with Jens Besser,
Theresa Heckel and Felix Krüger, documentation

'Analog - Digital', Nostromo Görlitz, documentation
performance with Jens Besser
2008 'Die Falle' and 'Meine Mutti', Atelier Nawrotzki Leipzig
Associate Editor of drawing and poetry editions

Stefan Schwarzer

1984 born in Leipzig, Germany
2007 freelancing as video - performer
2008 Art studies, Burg Giebichenstein University
of Art and Design, Halle
programm: painting / graphics
degree course: image / space / object / glass
by Prof. Christine Triebsch
2011 Scholarship of the german national merit foundation

Jury award of art festival Begehungen Nr.8, Chemnitz
2012 Guest semester, Stuttgart State Academy of
Art and Design
programm: sculpture
degree course: video / performance / installation
by Prof. Christian Jankowski

Second prize of the dieHo-art prize, Magdeburg
2013 Studies abroad at Instituto Superior de Arte, Havanna

Foreign scholarship of Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
2015 Diploma - Visual Arts with award

Burg Giebichenstein - Kunsthochschule Halle

Armenia - Scholarship from the Art Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt and the German Federal Foreign Office

Stefan Schwarzer

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